What Is Christian Initiatives?

Christian Initiatives is a non-profit, para-church ministry based out of Greenwood Community Church in the Denver Tech Center.   The ministry is non-denominational.
Founded by Larry R. Sears with the assistance of Pete Menconi, former Outreach Pastor at GCC, this volunteer ministry conducts divorce recovery seminars, mentors to men with short-term issues, runs reading programs at several assisted-living communities, and conducts special workshops, classes and seminars.

Since 1994, more than 500 individuals have served the Lord and contributed thousands of hours to Christian Initiatives’ programs and activities.    Although no longer part of the Ministry’s activities, Christian Initiatives has helped several inner-city ministries get facilities renovated by providing leadership, producing volunteer teams, raising funds, and obtaining low-cost or free services from contractors and skilled craftsmen.




"Since Larry Sears first approached me with formalizing his prior ministry work into Christian Initiatives in 2002, I have watched with delight as Larry and his teams have ministered to hundreds.    Larry and his team members understand the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and how to bring this love and compassion to hurting people.    I highly recommend your involvement in and support of Christian Initiatives."

Dr. Pete Menconi
   -Former Outreach Pastor
    Greenwood Church